Become a freelance social media manager and Work From Anywhere!

Learn the exact skills you need to work as a freelance social media manager. 
So you can work from anywhere and whenever you want!

Does any of this sound familiar to you?


You are sitting in your 9 to 5 office job and feel like “this can’t be it” while the other co-workers seem to be fine with sitting 8 hours a day in the same spot?


You are scrolling through Instagram and are wondering: how can it be that others are living the life you are dreaming of? But they don’t exactly explain how they do it step-by-step or how they actually make money


You don’t have enough money saved up to just quit your job and travel the world 


Living next to the beach and having paying clients or  even just working from your couch seems sometimes like a fantasy to you and not something that YOU could achieve – that’s also what your friends and family tell you (better to have a solid job… NOOOT!)


You like social media (maybe even work in social media or marketing) but you don’t feel confident enough to offer services to others – you feel like you need to learn more skills and the right tools


You have no idea how and where you would get clients


Leaving the comfortable routine and go into the unknown scares you even though you really want it. 

work from home

Did you say YES to any of this?

Then you are in the right spot babe! 

Only 5 years ago I was exactly where you are now.

The truth? I didn’t even know that “freelance social media manager” was a thing, I just wanted to have freedom in my own life and no boss telling me what to do every day.

Now, I travel the world full-time running my social media business from anywhere and have been able to check my bucket list items off left and right. I am a summer lover and now I can finally avoid winter by choosing where I want to be in the world – most of the time under palm trees with a fresh coconut!

If I can do it – you can too!

What if your life would LOOK like this:


You have the flexibility to travel and stay in different places whenever you want to – it’s called FREEDOM!


You can quit your monotonous 9to5 job because you have a constant income from the social media services you are offering.


Nothing and no-one has control over your life. If you want to have a coffee in the morning with your friends you can do it, if you want to go to the gym in the middle of the day, you can do it because you are the BOSS!


You feel confident with your knowledge and at the same time, you have a tribe and community of other boss babes to ask for help incase you need it.


You are not alone in this journey and can share your thoughts, fears and wins with other women all over the world!


Because you had a clear strategy to begin with you are not worried about your future but excited to jump out of your bed every day.

social media manager

Does that sound like the life you’re *actually* meant to be living? I have good news for you,
100% possible for you. That’s where I come in 🙂

Hi! I am Nadine

I teach women how to work as a social media manager and travel the world.

A little over 5 years ago I was sitting in my office, completely miserable and was wondering why I was feeling so unhappy? I felt trapped. Going to the office every single day didn’t set my soul on fire. On top of that I was studying at the same time. I felt like all I was doing is working and studying – for what? So that I could get an even better position to work even more? I was exhausted and burnt-out.

One week after I got my bachelor’s degree in communications, I quit my job and left rainy Switzerland to travel the world. 

After traveling for a couple of months I ended up in Bali and had no idea what to do next.

My family told me to come back. Their exact words were:

“this is not real life, you have to work in an office like everyone else, life is not a piece of cake“. 


In Bali I saw other people working on their laptop and not going back, why could I not be like them? And life seemed pretty cake-like ☺

So I rolled up my sleeves and stayed up til 2 am every night researching freelance jobs. I finally hit on the idea of social media management and downloaded every resource out there to make it happen. I took online classes, I read books and I’ve told every single person I knew that I am available to take on clients!

Now I have my own social media business where I consult and coach entrepreneurs how to manage their social media, manage several accounts for busy entrepreneurs and show other babes how to do the same.

My journey was not always easy, I had to learn everything from scratch and I often wished there was someone who would show me some useful strategies on how to get started from the ground. 

It’s my mission and passion to help women across the world to step out of their daily 9-5, expand their beliefs and unleash their true potential…


It’s my dream to create a movement of women who believe that there is more in this world than sitting behind a desk all day… 


I believe with a clear structure and a plan the whole “quit your job and be your own boss” not only becomes less scary, but also turns your daydream into reality!

If you’re ready to finally stop being stuck in an office all day and work from anywhere you want to and having full control over your life, then…you are ready to join The Social Shells.

The Social Shells – Social Media Manager Course 

The Social Shells is an 8 week program that will teach you step by step how to become a freelance social media manager and get your first clients so that you can live the life you are dreaming of!


This program is for you if you’re new to social media management and don’t have any clients yet, or if you’ve been a social media manager for a while and want to improve your skills and need specific tools on how to find and manage clients and create your freedom-lifestyle! 

This isn’t just a course where you learn the theory by yourself. During the program, you have access to my private community and get personalized support and can ask questions. 
Plus you get monthly calls to ask your questions!

At the end of this program you will: 


Have in-depth Social Media skills and know exactly how to get outstanding results for clients 


Know how to run a business online (including business tools and systems to work like a pro)


Be able to confidently land clients


Have a community of women who are in your corner

The good stuff…

In the program you have access to all the resources you need
in order to start your business online, including:

Video Training

In the video trainings and how-to’s, you’ll learn how to manage social media accounts for your clients and how to create content. Through my detailed screen-share videos you will learn the exact strategies for each social media channel! 


PDF Worksheets

The worksheets will help worth the process and everything you learned during the video training so that you will be able to apply everything for your own business. 


This will simplify and organize your life! Get access to all my templates. You will get contract examples, proposals and other done-for-you templates to use for your own business. 

Make the World your Office!

Where the Magic happens

Unlike a simple online course you get real 1-1 support
from me and are connected 
with other boss babes! 

Direct Coaching

While you and the other women are going through this program you will get direct support from me through our monthly group coaching calls.

On these calls, you can get real-time feedback from me and can ask any questions you might have.

On top of that you get a monthly mindset call with an expert where we discuss anything mindset and manifestation. And of course you get to ask your specific questions – it’s all about Soul and Goal!

Powerful Community

With this program, you will get access to my private community – The Social Shells Sisterhood!

It’s like having your own private cheerleader! I will make sure to push you, keep you accountable and you can share your success, struggles, and questions and connect with other amazing women who are on their way to become a freelance social media manager. 

I also share regular secret social media updates so that you are always on top of all the industry trends!


Discover The Social Shells Program

Module 1: Starting out

This first module is all about getting organized and having the tools in place to work as a freelancer. After this module you are fully set-up to work with clients!
You’ll learn:
  • Business strategy
  • How set-up your freelance business as a social media manager
  • Must have tools 
  • Social Media systems
  • Business systems
  • How to get organized

Module 2: Social Media Manager

In this module you will learn everything about processes and workflows a social media manager has to do and work with clients.
You’ll learn:
  • Target Audience
  • Social Media Manager Work-Flows
  • Onboarding your clients
  • Email templates
  • Client discovery calls and questionnaires
  • Content Creation
  • Monthly Calendar

BONUS: Social Media Strategy

In this bonus module you will learn exactly how to create a strategy for your clients and if they are not successfull on soical media yet, you will be able to find out why.
You’ll learn:
  • Why do clients need a social media strategy?
  • How to create a social media strategy

Module 3: Instagram

After module three you will feel confident to not only grow your own Instagram account but also accounts for clients, because you know everything about that algorithm and the strategies.
You’ll learn:
  • Instagram branding & profile set-up (for you and your clients)
  • Hashtags
  • Instagram engagement
  • Instagram stories
  • Instagram growth hacks
  • Manage different accounts on Instagram for clients

Module 4: Twitter

This module is all about Twitter and how you can use it for clients. After this module you know exactly which clients should be on Twitter and how you can easily manage their accounts.
You’ll learn:
  • Which business type should be on Twitter
  • Must know Twitter basics
  • Twitter growth hacks

Module 5: Pinterest

The most underestimated Platform. After this module you will know exactly how to use Pinterest to explode your client’s website and show-off your knowdlege!
You’ll learn:
  • Which business type should be on Pinterest
  • Must know Pinterest basics
  • How to use Pinterest for website growth
  • How to manage Pinterest easily 

Module 6: Facebook

This module will be split in two parts and after you are finished with the Facebook module you will have so much knowledge to charge hight-ticket prices to your clients – because you rock! 
You’ll learn:
Part 1: 
  • Facebook Page
  • The Facebook Algorithm
  • How to create content for clients on 

    Module 7: Packaging, Pricing & Contracts

    After module seven you know exactly what you can charge for your services, how you can invoice your clients in a professional way and set-up contracts.
    You’ll learn:
    • Pricing your services
    • Creating packages
    • Setting-up contracts with your clients
    • Invoicing for your services
    Social Media Management Tools

    Module 8: How to secure clients

    After this module you will know exactly how (and where) you can find clients, how you can pitch and market yourself AND how to find a good niche for you. 
    You’ll learn:
    • How and where to find clients
    • Niching & finding your target market
    • Sales, marketing & branding for yourself
    • Discovery calls with clients

    Module 9: Girl Boss

    After this module you will know how to create a real business and use your time efficiently (very important when handling more than just one client) and to master your finances like a boss
    You’ll learn: 
    • Creating a budget
    • Keeping track of your finances
    • Time-Management & Content Creation

    BONUS: Social Media Planner

    Organization is key when you are the BOSS so having your task list organized is super important.

    When traveling around you need a light planner that still helps you with all your daily, weekly and monthly plans. And it’ll help you keep a gratitude practice! 

    The Social Shells SIGNATURE

    EVERYTHING from the Basics plus


    Personal 1:1 Call with Nadine


    Review of your target audience workbook


    Review of your packages and prices


    Extra Module: Facebook & Instagram Ads

    With The Social Shells Signature you get a direct call with me and I am personally reviewing your two most important worksheets.

    This is the perfect mix of coaching, course and community you get all at once!!

    This program is for you if…


    You’re a beginner and want to learn all the skills you need to work as a freelance social media manager


    You don’t know how to get started freelancing online and have no idea how to find clients and generate an income online


    You want to break free from your 9-5 to become the boss of your own location-independent life #digitalnomad


    ​You don’t just want a course but real support from someone who has gone through the whole process 


    You are ready to show up and do the work to create an online business

    This program isn’t for you if…


    You already have an online business or want to build a business by selling an online product


    You aren’t willing to invest the time and effort into learning and building an online business 


    You’re an expert Social Media Manager and you’ve been running your own business for 5+ years successfully

    Don’t just take my word for it… 

    What other boss babes and Almuni students from my program The Social Shells have to say:

    TAMARA from Switzerland

    The most amazing journey in my life!!

    When Tamara first started she had no idea where to start. The social shells program has helped her get clear on what to do step by step. She now works with clients and gets messages from potential clients without having to look for them!

    She has quit her 9to5 five months after the program!

    TAJDA from Germany

    “The program gives you not only all social media knowledge but also all the information you need in order to create your own business – it’s going to do wonders for you”

    Tajda loved the program so much and felt it was special even before she enrolled. She found the best thing was all of the social shells were similar to her – motivating and supportive. And she could be herself.

    Tadja loved all of the social media information from business tips on how to launch your freelance career, organisation, to working with clients, pitching yourself and finding clients.

    MEAGAN from California

    “This program literally changed my life”

    This boss babe and beautiful mom of two always wanted to start an online business so that she could be there for her kids and still make money. Meagan loved the support of the beautiful Social Shells community who are all like best friends to her. Now she is thankful to be able to call herself a successful freelancer social media manager and even mentors other women on how to do the same! 

    HAYLEY from Australia

    “I work now with five clients and for every question I had I got such a personalized feedback!”

    Meet Hayley who now feels like she has the confidence when speaking to her clients. And she has changed her pricing structure because of how much knowledge and expertise she’s gained about managing and growing accounts through the social shells.

    It is amazing to see the success Hayley is getting for her clients in such a short amount of time!

    NADINE PEDRO from the USA

    ““My confidence has gone up so much! If you are on the fence: Just go for it””

    Nadine Pedro now works with clients and she says she owes it all to the program and loved the authentic support she received and being surrounded by a bunch of girls who were like-minded and going after the same goals.

    NORA from Switzerland

    “9 weeks after I’ve started with the program I already had 2 clients!!”

    Nora started out with zero knowledge about social media management. Since completing the program she was amazed by how much she has learnt. Nora loved feeling supported and said it was like she had a friend by her side to ask any questions. Now she has two clients and two new potential clients and loves making money as a social media manager.

    TATJANA  from Switzerland

    “I was struggling with my life and what to do with my future – This program gave me so much confidence and it was the best decision ever!”

    Tatjana, felt like she had not enough experience to pitch herself to clients. Within a few weeks she learnt not only everything about social media but also which direction to go with her business. She gained confidence and created her service packages. Now she is following her dream and is in the process of building her own social media agency!

    SAM from the UK

    “You could spend months & years learning everything yourself or just take the shortcut and learn everything from the social shells program – after the program you will actually feel like an expert!”

    ALICE from Italy

    “All the courses I took before were not successful – this coaching program is the best investment if you want to work as a social media manager and travel from anywhere!”

    Alice, made her dream come true in less than 8-weeks!! On her first call she felt trapped in her office job and only after 6 weeks in the program she found her very first client (!!) AND is now moving away from cold Europe to Bali before the program even finishes.

    Got Questions?

    How long does the course run for?

    The Social Shells is an 8-week program and you’ll need a minimum of 6-8 hours per week to work through the content & apply it.   

    How long until I get my first paying client?

    This all depends on YOU and the specific action you take while going through the program. I will give you everything I know and then it’s up to you how you apply the knowledge and your specific follow-through! 

    In the marketing & sales module, you will learn how to put yourself out there and pitch to clients if you follow the steps and are willing to show up it will affect your results! 
    Do I need to have a website or a huge Instagram following?

    NO! I will show you all the strategies to get clients without having a website or a huge Instagram following, but be prepared – your Instagram account might grow as a side effect 😉

    What systems and resources do I need to participate?
    You will need a laptop and an active Facebook account to get access to the community. The course content will be delivered on my own private online school.
    During the modules, I will show you all the tools I used to work as efficiently and creative as possible. Which tools you want to implement is up to you – I will always show you free and paid versions.
    Do I need to have a degree or marketing experience?

    Totally not. During this program, you will learn all the social media skills to manage your own client accounts. and on the coaching calls you can ask questions that might come up. I will also keep you updated on any social media changes during the program.

    How much work will I have to put in each week?

    You’ll need a minimum of 6-8 hours/week to work through the content & apply it.  

    Once you find your first client you will be spending most of your time on managing their accounts and applying everything you learned in the modules.

    What's different about the Social Shells Signature program?

    You get everything from the Social Shells Course plus:
    ~ Bonus Module: Facebook & Instagram Ads
    ~ Personalized support with a 1:1 call with Nadine
    ~ Personal review of your packages and prices
    ~ Personal review of your target audience worksheet

    ~ Call recordings with clients
    ~ And so much more


    What makes this program different?

    This is not just an online course with a few tips and tricks. This is an action-driven program with monthly calls. There you can ask me any questions plus you also get a mindset call a month with a professional coach.

    You will learn everything together with other like-minded women and can share your struggles and wins in a private Facebook group.


    Once my 8wks is up, do I still have access to the course?

    Yes, you will keep your log-ins and will have lifetime access to the course material. You can go back in whenever you like and continue learning. The access to the calls and group is limited to 8-weeks you will however get an option to extend it.


    Is there a payment plan option?

    Yes there is! Ask me for more details. 


    Can I upgrade my program from Basics to Signature?

    Yes, absolutely! We have had many students upgrade their course in order to maximise their learnings. It is not essential though; it all depends on you and how much extra support you would like from me


    What is the Sisterhood membership?

    The Sisterhood is an exclusive group you can join after you have finished your 8wks in the course. This is a paid membership which will allow you to continue receiving support from myself and the other amazing women in the course


    Do you offer refunds if the course isn’t for me?

    No refunds are on offer once you have started the course. We recommend you attend our Masterclass before purchasing so you get an idea about the course.


    Do you help me find clients?

    We regularly have business’s reach out to us to help them find a Social Media Manager. We pass these hot leads onto the course participants but it is up to you to pitch yourself to the clients (with the knowledge and tools you learnt from the program of course!)


    Become your own boss and work from anywhere

    Only a few weeks from now you could have paying clients!