How To Become A Social Media Manager

How To Become A Social Media Manager With No Experience. What should you do if you have no experience and want to start as a social media manager? In this video, I am sharing a step-by-step road map on how to get started with one of the most popular jobs in 2022: social media manager!

How To Onboard New Clients

Onboarding social media clients as a social media manager – create a positive experience for your client right from the start and make their and your life easy by having a strong onboarding social media manager process in place.

Social Media Manager Portfolio

How to create a social media manager portfolio even if you are just getting started. What is a social media manager portfolio, and how can you use it to get clients?

Social Media Management Workflow

Social media management workflow: After you’ve onboarded a client how do you create a smooth workflow as a social media manager? Your social media management workflow can save you so much time if implemented correctly.

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Hey! I’m Nadine

Hi, I am Nadine, a business coach, digital marketer and social media strategist with a passion for supporting & empowering women.

After working with some of the biggest companies in Switzerland, I left my successful career in marketing, put my fancy degree in a folder and went to build my own biz. Using my digital marketing skills, I was able to scale that and help others do the same.

I have the experience and expertise to show you how to break through your barriers to create your own biz or help you achieve your next level with a clear strategy!

The Social Shells Program

This course teaches you in-demand social media skills as well as the whole business setup. It’s a step-by-step road map to go from beginner to boss. To make sure you are not alone on this journey, this course is a hybrid and also comes with extra support from Nadine & her community. Keep reading;

  • Learn social media skills 
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