One of the biggest questions I get asked daily is “What Social Media Management Services can I offer when first starting out as a Social Media Manager?”  well, let me tell you – A LOT! People are often under the impression that Social Media Managers “just post things to social media”– however, that is just one of the multitude of tasks and skills it takes to manage and grow a business via social media and not forgetting there are a minimum of five social media platforms out there from Facebook, Instagram to LinkedIn, Twitter and Clubhouse. Every business is different, with different target audiences so their presence and content on these platforms will differ and each platform’s algorithm and strategy is different. 

As a Social Media Manager, it is your job to know all of these platforms algorithms, tips and tricks or to specialise in one or two platforms making you the go-to expert! 

When starting out it can be pretty overwhelming to chose which services to offer to your clients that’s why it is so vital to work out your niche so you can better tailor your services to the clients in your target audience. 

Don’t have a niche yet? Don’t worry check out my FREE MASTERCLASS HERE where I will teach you how. But today I am going to show you in detail the top 8 different Social Media Management services you can start offering right away!

Over App for Social Media Managers

All-Inclusive Package

The all-inclusive package is basically everything a business would need to grow and be successful on social media. 

You will create the client’s whole social media strategy, including deciding which platforms they will be present on and what content they need to create and share. It will be up to you to also plan the content for each month in advance and for each social media platform. You will edit videos, design graphics and write copy and captions but it doesn’t stop there; your job will also be to maintain an engaged community, so you will need to reply to comments on the posts, answer any direct messages and engage with your clients following.

Because in this package you would be doing EVERYTHING you can charge higher prices and if you streamline your tasks by batch creation and automatization on some tasks such as using a scheduling tool like Facebook Creator Studio or Planoly you will be able to take on more clients therefore potentially making those “six-figure months” everyone goes on about.

Organic Social Media

Offering different packages for organic social media is perfect for those clients who already have their platform secured and already know where they want to show up or it is ideal for the Social Media Manager who doesn’t want to work on every platform but only intends to specialise in one or two platforms. For example, you love Instagram and this is where you want to focus all of your energy, perfect your skills and you will know the algorithm, updates and tips for this specific platform. You can then tailor your specialised services just to Instagram or any other platform of your choosing including Pinterest, Twitter, Clubhouse, Facebook and TikTok.

You will then be able to position yourself as the go-to expert for those platforms only.

Paid Marketing

For paid marketing, you would be offering the client ROI (return on investment), so for every $1 they put in, they should be getting $3 out (or more depending on the product and your ads, lol), meaning your skillset will need to be a little bit higher to offer this service as the tasks are a little more complex. 

You would be running Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and YouTube ads depending on what platforms you specialise in. Right away, this package comes with a much higher price ticket than the Social Media Management services. The price paid marketers can charge for this service is between $1,500-$5,000 per month per client, depending on their needs. This is because clients could manage to run ads themselves, but since the 2021 Facebook and Instagram ads updates, it has become much more complicated to do so. Even if the client can figure out the new systems, it is even more time-consuming than before and comes with a lot of risk of having their accounts disabled if they do not know or follow the new rules making social media managers who or experts in paid marketing and offer this services in high demand.



When running a business through Social Media, it is so important to engage with your community, but as business owners, they don’t have time for this. So this is where you come in. Adding engagement as an add-on service to one of your packages or as a stand-alone service is an excellent option to have for businesses. Some businesses don’t always need social media management support, but usually, businesses struggle with keeping on top of the messaging, replying to comments and also finding new potential clients via their social media. It would be your job to do this for them and to also go out into the platform and find potential clients who aren’t yet following your client’s account by engaging with their content or sending out messages etc. 

This is the only service I would recommend charging an hourly price for as it takes time and needs to be done manually.

Graphic Creation

This package would entail you to create all the graphics needed for your clients business. This could include things such as social media graphics, coaching workbooks, coaching content, slide shows, video graphics, literally anything you could design in Canva that takes up your clients time you could add as an option in this package. Whether your client uses paid or organic strategies, the graphics will constantly need updating, making this a no brainer service to offer.

Social Media Strategy

You can offer a stand-alone strategy creation to your client. This means you will create the whole social media strategy, what platforms they need to be on, what they should be posting, what hashtags to use and how the algorithm works, but the client will actually be doing the work; they will be implementing the strategy you have created for them. You can present this in a professional PDF or Doc and offer a 1-hour strategy discussion call with it so they can ask you any questions.

 This is a service that would most likely attract clients who don’t have big budgets and cannot yet, afford to take on a social media manager, but this sets you up for when the time comes that they are in the position to outsource their social media, you will most likely be the first go-to person.

Passive Income Services You Can Offer

You don’t only have to offer monthly services. You can create passive income offers that will serve your clients and will still be a part of your social media services.

 Here are two ideas of passive incomes:



You can create social media graphics/posts, planners or sheets and sell them to your clients or business to use on social media. Putting them on your website so people can buy and download and promoting it on your social media is the easiest way to sell this offer. 


Creating eBooks with step by step instructions or enriched with information on how to develop strategies or implement strategies for businesses on social media can be an excellent offer to clients. Also, to include the templates for posts, Reels or TikToks will save your client so much time and will be super educational, again positioning you as the expert and making this offer a valuable buy.

TIP: Don’t forget you don’t need to stick to these packages; you can also mix it up and offer a combination of different services, or you can create custom packages based on your client’s needs.

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