Maybe you are scrolling through Instagram or tapping through stories and you see all those “influencers” living their digital nomad dream and you decide to give it a try.

So you start building a website and create your Instagram account and Facebook page but then all that happens is that you gain a few Instagram followers per day only to realize that they unfollowed you again the next day.

Maybe you even tell a few friends that you have a website now but you are still very vague about everything because if it turns out to be a massive failure you don’t want anyone to know right? WRONG

Well, first of all, wrong because if you are not going full in and are super excited about your new business why should other people be? You need to literally tell every single person you know that you are ready to take on clients. Not once but all the time. They need to know that you actually really mean it!!

BUT this not the reason why your freelance journey won’t work. It’s because you focused on the wrong part.

Having a website and all is great, but before you waste hours on a fancy branding and creating a website you need to concentrate on making money AND providing content for clients.

Here is the thing:

You don’t need to have a website in order to pitch yourself to clients.

As a matter of fact, I only started my website after 1 year in my business. I was busy pitching myself to clients.

Putting up a website is not a magical tool to suddenly attract clients. You need to go out there and pitch yourself and start creating results for actual clients.

That’s all great you might think, but who will pay you for your services if you don’t even have results yet?


Here is my number one strategy

Find one client who is willing to let you do their social media for one or two months in exchange for a testimonial.

In those two months, you put so much effort in their social media accounts that after those two months the client wants to stay with you and is willing to pay money.

Then you can use these result together with the testimonial for pitching new clients and before you even know it, you have so many clients that you can actually consider leaving your 9-to-5 and working freelance full time.

That probably brought up the next question right? Where do you actually look for potential clients in order to pitch your services?

Platforms and Ideas on WHERE to find clients


Great way to find clients because you can narrow down your search. You could look for business owners in your area.


My favorite way to find potential clients I always send them a few strategies and ideas in my pitch mail and offer a free consulting call.

Location-based businesses

Why not walk down the streets in your city and check out if the businesses that you pass are already on social media? If not, offer your services to them. If yes, offer your services as well 

Tell them what you would improve and what ideas you have in order to help them grow their audience.

Maybe your favorite cafe has the most amazing coffee and smoothie bowls but they only have 50 followers on Instagram. This would be a great opportunity for you to take over their account and show off your skills in exchange for a Testimonial.

So start looking for clients and stop wasting time on your website.

If you feel like you need some more guidelines and strategies in order to start as a freelance social media manager check out my free guide I’ve created for you. You can download it here.