“I have broken out of my shell and I feel empowered”

Beca wanted a way to travel, make money and use her existing marketing skills to become a social media manager. Beca has grown so much in the 8 weeks and broken out of her shell. She feels so empowered now to work as a social media manager.    


“This program literally changed my life”

Before the program Daniela was working in her 9 to 5 job and hanging out for the weekends and holidays. She now doesn’t have to work for someone else and she has her freedom to be able to travel whenever and wherever she wants.



“It was one of the best decisions I ever made”

Isabelle has now established her own business and is getting ready to leave her 9 to 5 job to start working remotely and live the life she wants to live.



“I can now talk on Instagram Stories which was something I never thought I could do”

While working a part time job in the fitness industry, as well as being a mom, Danielle was able to complete the course in her own time and at her own pace.  Within the first 3-4 weeks Danielle secured paying clients.



“I can recommend this program so much”

Before Andrina found the Social Shells she was looking into schools to fit around her schedule but most of them would take two years to complete. She wanted to learn something straight away.  Andrina loved that she could put what she learnt into action straight away.


“The support is unreal with Nadine and all the other girls in the program”

Before the program, Izzy was so nervous and scared to even get started. Fast forward to today and she is confidently working with her first client and loving it.


“There’s something for everyone in this course from a beginner to a novice”

Katie’s confidence has improved since completing the course and is now able to pitch her services to clients. Katie said that one of the biggest takeaways from the course is the sense of community with so many other incredible women who are supporting each other.

VALERY from Bali 

“What I learnt from Nadine was mindblowing!!

Valery moved to Bali with no plan and no money. So she decided to sign up to the course which she said was the best decision she made.

She now works as a social media manager for a company. 


BEC from Australia

“Nadine has such a wealth of knowledge!!

Bec has learnt so much in the 8 weeks and since implementing everything in her own photography business she has seen lots of growth. 

Bec said that the best thing about the course was the community of women doing it along with her. They are all still great friends. 


TAMARA from Switzerland

The most amazing journey in my life!!

When Tamara first started she had no idea where to start. The social shells program has helped her get clear on what to do step by step. She now works with clients and gets messages from potential clients without having to look for them!

She has quit her 9to5 five months after the program!

TAJDA from Germany

“The program gives you not only all social media knowledge but also all the information you need in order to create your own business – it’s going to do wonders for you”

Tajda loved the program so much and felt it was special even before she enrolled. She found the best thing was all of the social shells were similar to her – motivating and supportive. And she could be herself.

Tadja loved all of the social media information from business tips on how to launch your freelance career, organisation, to working with clients, pitching yourself and finding clients.

MEAGAN from California

“This program literally changed my life”

This boss babe and beautiful mom of two always wanted to start an online business so that she could be there for her kids and still make money. Meagan loved the support of the beautiful Social Shells community who are all like best friends to her. Now she is thankful to be able to call herself a successful freelancer social media manager and even mentors other women on how to do the same! 

HAYLEY from Australia

“I work now with five clients and for every question I had I got such a personalized feedback!”

Meet Hayley who now feels like she has the confidence when speaking to her clients. And she has changed her pricing structure because of how much knowledge and expertise she’s gained about managing and growing accounts through the social shells.

It is amazing to see the success Hayley is getting for her clients in such a short amount of time!


““My confidence has gone up so much! If you are on the fence: Just go for it””

Nadine Pedro now works with clients and she says she owes it all to the program and loved the authentic support she received and being surrounded by a bunch of girls who were like-minded and going after the same goals.

NORA from Switzerland

“9 weeks after I’ve started with the program I already had 2 clients!!”

Nora started out with zero knowledge about social media management. Since completing the program she was amazed by how much she has learnt. Nora loved feeling supported and said it was like she had a friend by her side to ask any questions. Now she has two clients and two new potential clients and loves making money as a social media manager.

TATJANA  from Switzerland

“I was struggling with my life and what to do with my future – This program gave me so much confidence and it was the best decision ever!”

Tatjana, felt like she had not enough experience to pitch herself to clients. Within a few weeks she learnt not only everything about social media but also which direction to go with her business. She gained confidence and created her service packages. Now she is following her dream and is in the process of building her own social media agency!

SAM from the UK

“You could spend months & years learning everything yourself or just take the shortcut and learn everything from the social shells program – after the program you will actually feel like an expert!”

ALICE from Italy

“All the courses I took before were not successful – this coaching program is the best investment if you want to work as a social media manager and travel from anywhere!”

Alice, made her dream come true in less than 8-weeks!! On her first call she felt trapped in her office job and only after 6 weeks in the program she found her very first client (!!) AND is now moving away from cold Europe to Bali before the program even finishes.


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