Social Media Manager Guide

A (Realistic!) Guide To Quitting Your Job And Travel The World As A Freelancer

 What tasks is a social media manager doing on a daily basis, what do they make and how do they find clients – so basically how does this job look like in real life aka outside of Instagram.



How To Get Started As A Freelance Social Media Manager

In this 60-minute masterclass you’ll learn the exact steps you need to take right now in order to get your first paying client – even during challenging times and with zero prior knowledge!

Our Courses!

The Social Shells Basic Course

After this 8-week course, you’ll know everything about social media management, how to find clients and how to create your packages & prices. You’ll be ready to work with your first client! 

The Social Shells Signature Course

Accelerate your success & work 1:1 with me! You get the course AND personalized support directly from me plus you get access to the Facebook & Instagram Ads module!!


Content Creation Mini Course

A power-packed mini-course and digital asset bundle that will dramatically shortcut your content creation and accelerate your social media growth.  For Freelancers & Business Owner


Viral Content

Social Media VIRAL Content Course 

Learn how to create viral content for yourself or your business! I am giving you the exact how-to-videos AND templates to be successful on Social Media!

It’s like a social media boot camp without yelling or sweating! 


Email Marketing Masterclass

Learn how to implement an email marketing strategy to your business or perfect a strategy that isn’t working for you.

This masterclass is jam-packed full of information and training to get you implementing an email marketing system and increasing those open rates!


Viral Content

Pinterest Masterclass 

Coming soon…


Freelance & Social Media Accelerator

Coming soon…


Viral Content

Business Accelerator

A 12-week course for female entrepreneurs who are ready to grow and scale their online business!

Instead of being a slave to your computer and phone, under constant pressure to get more clients, you can create a business that works for you so you get to stay in your zone of genius without the hustle and actually have time off!