Social Media Manager Guide

A (Realistic!) Guide To Quitting Your Job And Travel The World As A Freelancer

 What tasks is a social media manager doing on a daily basis, what do they make and how do they find clients – so basically how does this job look like in real life aka outside of Instagram.



How To Get Started As A Freelance Social Media Manager

In this 60-minute webinar you’ll learn the exact success framework on how to become a social media manager if you have no idea where to start or how to get clients!


Social Media Planner

THE best planner on the market for social media managers or those who want to work as one. This is all-in-one: planner, gratitude journal, intention & goal setting – literally everything you need in order to stay organized and professional. 


Social Shell Wallpaper

Work like a pro right from the beginning! This Social Shell Wallpaper can be used on your computer desktop and will help you stay organized!

Let’s get started!

The Social Shells Program

The Social Shells Program is an 8 week program that will teach you step-by-step how to become a freelance social media manager and get your first clients.  This is the program that changed the life for hundreds of women all over the world!

The Social Shells Sisterhood Membership

This Membership is for anyone who has completed The Social Shells Program and wants to continue learning as a social media manager.

This is a place where you can ask questions, connect with other like-minded women and access the monthly Q&A calls. Plus you will get: 

  • Algorithm updates
  • Opportunity to ask questions
  • Monthly Mindset Call
  • Regular Facebook Live trainings with guest coaches
  • Regular “get-clients-challenges”