Marketing nerd, business coach and travel-obsessed!


I am passionate about all things self-growth, books and hot chocolate. Type 1 on the enneagram, and I pet every dog I pass.

I was born in Switzerland, surrounded by mountains and the cold. My parents figured early on that going skiing was not for me and that I only ever wanted to be where the sun was shining & hot.

So I started travelling when I was 16 years old, and I knew that this was exactly what I wanted to do; however, I didn’t listen to my inner voice; instead, I did what everyone else said:

Get a job in a huge corporate company in Switzerland (because they pay well, right?)
Get a degree because that will get you an even better job.

So I did all that while deep down, knowing it wasn’t for me. It took me over 12 years until I had had enough.

My story needed a plot twist, and that’s when I turned my life upside down.

I left my successful career (at that time, I had a popular job as an online editor and social media manager for a radio station.) I Sold all my stuff, put my bachelor’s degree in communications in a box and packed up with only one suitcase, and I left Switzerland.

After travelling for a couple of months, I ended up in Bali and had no idea what to do next.
Not so fun fact: I spent all my savings that I thought would last me six months in one month.

There was no way I was going back to a corporate company, so I started my own business and offered social media services as a freelancer. It turned out that people really needed support in that area, and I scaled my business quickly while still having more free time than ever. Not going to bother you with numbers; let’s just say it was more than my swiss job was paying.

Fast forward to today…
I now mentor and educate women worldwide on how they can either create their own online business or scale their business beyond their wildest dreams with my courses and my 1:1 Coaching.

I have been featured in Forbes, Thrive, and countless other popular magazines and podcasts, but what I am most proud of are the women I was able to help create their dream life.

Hundreds of women have quit their 9to5’s and created their own online business so much that I dedicated a whole page to them.

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Now it’s your turn. Let me help you on your journey.

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