Ever heard the term “set yourself up for success”? 

What we do on a daily basis becomes a habit for us. If we repeat something long enough we start doing it subconsciously which means we do something without actively realizing it. The key to success is to wire your brain with traits that lead to success.

You probably know that watching Netflix won’t move you towards your vision. 

However, watching stories on Instagram all day and telling yourself it’s for inspiration won’t help either. 

There are obviously many different ways on how to be successful but these are my five favorite ones.

Know your goals not just your vision

You can only achieve your goals when you actually know what they are. Sounds simple but so many people have not a clear goal in mind. You might be busy and have a full todo list but are your tasks actually moving you towards your main goals?

These are NOT specific goals they are more long term visions:

“Being my own Boss”

“Leaving my 9to5”

“Making 6-Figures” 

Now don’t get me wrong, you totally need a vision but once you have your vision you need to create some goals and milestones that actually bring you to your vision.

If you know you want to leave your job and become your own boss then ask yourself HOW you want to do that. Become a freelancer? Start a coaching business? Sell products?  Whatever works for you, write that GOAL down and now you can map out actionable steps that move you towards your business!

Plan your day the night before

As an old saying goes: “Failing to plan is planning to fail”.  At the end of each workday review your next day and map out what you are going to do.

Don’t just write down random todo’s. Write down at least three activities that move your business forward aka move you closer to your goal. 

Batch similar tasks together and do them all on the same day. For example: Write all your captions, emails or blog posts on one day. 

More about time-management and how to map it out in your calendar you find in the video below:

Spend 4x times more creating than consuming

Probably the biggest trap for most people is the part where you tell yourself your getting “inspiration” by reading other people’s posts or watching stories. 

Content creation is a huge part of having your own business wheter you work as a freelancer or not. Through content people can find you (KNOW), through content you show your expertise (LIKE) and through constantly creating content you can build TRUST.

You do the math: if you watch 15minutes of stories and scroll through Facebook – you’ll need a full hour of creating your own content. 

Extra tip: Set a timer in your Instagram app that will send you a notification when you’ve spent a certain amount of time on the app.

Learn from people who are where you want to go

When you start your own business or are thinking of leaving your corporate job everybody will have an opinion. Well let’s be honest no matter what you do, everybody always has an opinion. However, if you listen to what your co-worker Susan has to say on how most businesses fail etc. you will achieve exactly what Susan will achieve.

My simple rule for taking on advice has always been to ask myself: Is this person where I want to be? Does she have the life I aspire to have? 

If not, then I kindly say thanks for the advice but completely ignore it. 

The same goes for working with a mentor or coach. Only work with someone who already has achieved what you want to achieve not someone whose caption sounds intriguing. You can literally write anything in your Instagram bio so make sure you research.

Read everyday

This one is easy for me I have always loved books. Taking time to switch off your devices and educate yourself on various topics like entrepreneurship, mindset or anything else that helps you grow as a person is a game-changer if you want to become your own boss and stay there. 

Entrepreneurship is a rollercoaster a great one but also crazy sometimes. 

You can not control the ocean but you can learn how to ride the waves.

Here are some of my favorite books: 

Atomic Habits
The Alter Ego Effect
Everybody Writes